Mani of the Moment


Summer Mani of the Moment!

One of my favorite things this summer is Essie’s Fifth Avenue nail polish!  It’s bright and fun and the perfect pop of color for the summertime! I originally discovered this color at the nail salon.  I was headed off to a vacation in Hawaii and tried to picture…what color would look great on my toes as they wiggled in the sands of Maui.  This was it!

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IMG_2171Juicing. Yum! It’s one of my favorite treats, especially after a great workout at the gym. It’s one of the amazing things I discovered during one of my trips back to Cali. My hair dresser recommended the juice bar at a local super market in OC called Mother’s Market.  {By the way, if you’re ever near one, you should definitely try it!  I found it’s one of the more affordable places you can get juices (only $5-$6 for a 16 oz!).  Not only is it affordable, they are made to order AND you can customize your own drinks with whatever fruits & vegetables you want!}

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first post….yikes.

For years, I’ve talked about starting a blog.  I’ve always viewed blogging as a romantic way of sharing one’s thoughts with the world.  But, I’ve always been too afraid to start one.  Why?  I’m a fairly private person and don’t like exposing myself to the world.  However, year after year, the idea has never left me.  One of the largest hurdles I faced was coming up with a name.  IT IS HARD.  For anyone who has attempted and successfully found a blog name…god bless you, because it probably took me a good 3 years and many long walks of pondering to come up with mine.  I always thought I wanted something with a pun or an alliteration or something sassy.  But in the end, I realized I wanted something that reflected my personality and my background.  Sometime simple that will reflect my roots.  from california, with love.  Nothing fancy.  No puns (and trust me..I really tried hard to think of one).  Just me.

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