Apple Picking at Homestead Farm

Homestead FarmIt’s true. Growing up in California, I never got to experience seasons.   Since moving to DC, it’s one of the many things I’ve come to enjoy about the West Coast. Despite the muggy Summers and the bitter cold Winters, I enjoy the change in seasons mostly because of Fall. The cool breezes, sunset colored leaves, and Fall activities make the grueling Summer and Winter weather worth it. And with Fall officially here, I was so excited to go Apple Picking this weekend! It was a beautiful (and a bit toasty) this weekend, but it was gorgeous and I did not want to wait till later into the season to go Apple Picking [Last year- we didn’t go until the end of October and most of the apples had been picked through}.

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iPhone 6 and the Confusing AT&T Plans

For Apple lovers and iPhone aficionados, plans for this weekend seemed to boil down to two options: Camping out at the Apple Store or Camping out at a Cell Phone Carrier Store (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint). It was incredible going to the mall this weekend. I saw ridiculous lines outside not only the Apple store, but the AT&T Store and the Verizon Store. Even the Sprint store posted signs outside notifying customers that they were out of stock for the iPhone 6 Plus. All in all, it was reported that Apple sold 10 Million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones this past weekend… CRAZY right??

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Cucumber Sunomono “Japanese Cucumber Salad”

Cucumber SunomonoSushi Gen is one of my all-time favorite sushi restaurants. In fact, anytime people ask for LA dining recommendations, Sushi Gen is always at the top of my list. One of my favorite things {aside from the amazing sashimi} is their Cucumber Sunomono {aka. Japanese Cucumber Salad}. It’s so light, refreshing, and slightly acidic with a sweetness to balance it out. Obviously, everyone has their own variation of this salad. But what I love about Sushi Gen’s version is that the vinegar sauce is more tepid and not overwhelming. So here’s my version of Sushi Gen’s Cucumber Sunomono.

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