Sculpt Megaformer

If it isn’t evident by now…I’m going to state it.  I love food! But with that comes balance {ie. a workout routine}  Spinning is a huge part of my exercise routine, but I wanted to suppliment it with a strength workout.  That’s when I discovered Sculpt Megeformer.  I was alaways curious about pilates reformer.  I mean I love pilates and the machines looked like a challenging, new toy that I just couldn’t wait to try out! So when I heard about  a new pilates megaformer studio called Sculpt Studio in Bethesda, I had to jump on it.  Now, to be clear, this studio uses a megareformer machine which is machine built by fitness guru Sebastian Lagree.  He essentially improved the original pilates reformer machine so that it gives users a more enhanced experience which focuses on developing core strength and muscular endurance. 

Sculpt Studio Bethesda Pilates Megaformer

The first time I took this class, I went in thinking that it was going to be like any old Pilates class.  Slow paced, but challenging with a lot of core work.  Although it did focus on your core, it was so much more.  It was fast paced as we transitioned from one exercise to another and although I don’t consider it cardio, my heart rate definitely started to climb throughout the workout.  And yes, I did work up a good sweat in this class.  I was shaking throughout my first class and was sore for the rest of the day following week.  It hurt to cough, it hurt to get up..needless to say, I was sore everywhere.  And although some people don’t like that level of soreness, I love that feeling.  Because it meant I accomplished something!  I challenged myself and I made it out on the other side!

Since then, I’ve been taking the class once a week, and it does get easier folks.  But what’s great about the machine and workout, is that each instructor and class is different.  They focus on different muscles and trust me..there is always something to improve upon.  Also what is great is that each exercise really forces you to focus on certain muscle groups and evenly works out the right and left side of the muscle group in order to give you a balanced workout.  The downsize…the cost.. 

Cost: For first time clients, you can purchase a class for $20.  After that, a class can cost between $28-$35 depending on the number of classes you purchase in a package.  In addition, they also offer 1 month and 3 month unlimited membership for $289 and $349, respectively.  Although it is a really great class, it does cost a pretty penny.  However, if you’re really interested in trying this place out, keep an eye out on Living Social, Gilt City, and Amazon Local.  I’ve seen 5 class packages pop up on these websites which typically whittle down the price to $15-$20/class.

What to Wear: Since the workout is performed on the machine, clients are required to workout either barefoot or with sticky socks.  Like I said, you sweat during the class, so I would recommend sticky socks just to make sure you have a good grip on the platform.  You don’t want to slip off!  I also think crops and a fitted tank are great options for this class as you don’t want something too loose fitting.  There are bars and ropes, so you don’t want your garb to get caught in anything!

First Class:  This class is small.  It only fits up to a max of 10 people, so there is a lot of individual attention given to each student.  However, if this is your first class, I would recommend taking one of their intro classes so the instructors can take the time to introduce you to the machine and how to operate it properly.  Also, I find they go at a slower pace and really take the time to introduce each of the moves to the class.  Also – fyi, this studio does not have a shower to freshen up before heading out, so plan ahead. 

All in all, it’s a great class to try, but their price is definitely a large con.  What is a plus about this studio is that one of their instructors teaches a free self-defense class on a monthly basis.  I haven’t gone to one of these yet, but it sounds like a great idea! 

Have any of you seen these new megareformer studios popping up in your neighborhood?  Does the cost outweigh the benefit of a great exercise class?



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