What to Expect from Your First Spin Class | Part Two

What Should I Bring/Wear?

Spin Class Pt1

  1. Water Bottle – an absolute must!  You’re going to be sweating and you want to keep hydrated, so bring a water bottle to quench your thirst
  2. Towel – again..let’s reference the sweating. Unless the gym you’re attending provides towels, it would be great to brig your own to keep your sweat in check
  3. Spin Shoes – if you’re attending a spin class at a spin studio, you’ll likely have to buy special cycling shoes.  However, if this is your first class, don’t feel like you have to go out and invest in cycling shoes!  Most studio cycles will rent out shoes for $3-$5 for a class.  {Hint: if you tell the front desk that it’s you first spin class, they’ll often waive the rental fee for your first class as a courtesy.  Check with your local studio..it never hurts to ask!}.  If you’re going to a spin class at a local big box gym (i.e. 23 hour fitness, LA fitness, Sport & Health, Equinox, etc.), they will often have the spin bikes with cage pedals {refer to pedal section for further detail}  You will not need special cycling shoes for the cage pedals on one side and SPD/LOOK delta clips on the other side.
  4. Crops, Tank & a Hair Tie – For beginners, sitting on a spin bike gets some getting use to.  I would recommend not wearing shorts to work out.  You’re going to be pretty active as you get in and out of the saddle, and so you’re going to be rocking a major wedgie if you wear shorts.  Uncomfortable and not flattering.  So go with Crops!  Also, you don’t want to wear too loose of a top, because you’re going to be pretty active, you don’t want your clothing getting caught on any of the knobs or handles.  Also – a hair tie is a great idea to make sure you’re hair doesn’t bother you
  5. Cushions?  It definitely takes the tush a class or two to get use too the saddle.  Honestly, some people just can’t handle it.  There are 2 solutions to that issue: Gel Seat Covers that can easily been wrapped on top of the saddle or padded shorts.  Personally, I haven’t used either one.  Generally, if the saddles are in good working condition – you’ll adapt to it after 2/3 rides  However, if they are more worn down saddles – they do hurt, since the cushion on the saddle has been worn out.
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