Zengo Cycle

After giving you a four part series on Spinning, it wouldn’t be right for me not to share with you my favorite spin studio, Zengo.  I’ve been going here pretty much since I moved to DC and although I’ve tried other forms of working out (barre, pilates, Equinox, etc.), it still remains my primary workout routine.  


Zengo currently has two studios: Bethesda and Logan Circle and is in process of opening up 2 more studios {Kentlands in Gaithersburg, MD and  Mosaic in Merrifield, VA}.  My review covers the studio I frequent most: Bethesda.  


First things first.  Zengo is a boutique spinning studio that really focuses on taking a moment (a 50 minute moment) for yourself and not only focus on getting a good work out in, but also to forget about all the craziness in your life.  The workout routine starts out with a slight warm up to get your juices flowing.  Then, it gets really fun.  Zengo’s workout is heavily driven by the beats of the music and you do tap backs, presses, and various other motions that you never realized you could do on a bike.  {See my post on Jumps, Presses, Tap Backs, Oh My for more details on various spin moves}.  It’s fun to try different instructors, because you start to realize they have their own little special moves they like to incorporate into their routine.  

About 30 minutes into the class,  the instructors will turn to their zen song.  (Think, inspirational, motivational Miley Cyrus “the climb” type of song).  This is honestly one of my favorite parts of the class, because the next 3-4 minutes is completely yours.  The instructors will turn down the lights and you are free to do whatever you want on the bike.  If it’s your first class and you’re feeling overwhelmed – take a moment to catch your breath.  If you want to challenge yourself, turn up the resistance and push yourself even harder.  And, because the lights are low – there’s no fear of people watching you!  

After your ‘zen’ song, the instructors will turn the lights back up and it’s time for your arm work out!.  Oh yes, Zengo is definitely a full body workout.  Remember those 1-3 pound weights you picked up at the beginning of the class?  This is where they come in.  They instructors will walk you through various arm exercises for about the length of a song.  And even though you think 1-3 pound weights are nothing, trust me your arms will tire out.  They focus on using small, repetitive motions in order to tone your arms.  You’re not going to get an extremely challenging arm workout, but definitely enough to get your juices flowing.  

After the arm workout, you have 2 more songs (so make them count!) and then you’re cool down/stretch.  And you’re done!

For those of you who are adrenaline junkies and need a workout that is driven by music, this is the class for you.  I always got bored but just running on a treadmill.  I needed something to challenge me and motivate me.  This is why Zengo is really the workout for me.  

Zengo2 Zengo4Zengo3                     DSC_0603

Zengo also has showering facility with basic amenities so that you can get washed up and ready for wherever you need to head next.  But beware, there is only 2 shower stalls available.  Also, Zengo provide digital lockers so you can store all your belongings.  It’s great, because you don’t have to bring your own lock!  The only downside is that, with time, some of the digital locks no longer work. So, sometimes it takes a while to find a locker that actually locks.  It’s also worth it to note that they’re actually renovating Zengo in the next 4-5 weeks, so hopefully updating/fixing the lockers makes their list of renovations.

Another great amenity that Zengo has is they have a tray just outside the spin studio that ear plugs and hair ties.  This is a life safer, especially for clients that are coming directly from work.  It’s the worst when you have long hair and you forget your hair tie. So it’s much appreciated that they really think of their clients needs.  Also – they music system is top of the line…it’s loud. So, I always use their ear plugs.  A definite must especially if you sit in the front of the class as their speakers are closer to the front of the class.

Cost: For first time clients, you can try your first class for FREE.  Just sign up online!  Not only that, but shoe rentals are complimentary for your first class as well.  Just let the front desk know and they’ll hook you up!  After your first class, you can purchase classes from $17-$22/class depending on the number of classes you purchase.  Once in a while, zengo does offer a slight discount (ie. 10% for Black Friday, etc).  But the discounts only happen 2-3x a year.   Make sure to also look out for keep an eye out on Living Social and Gilt City for special deals!  Also, if you prefer the 12PM or 7:15AM classes, the classes are only $15/each!

After your first class, spin shoes will cost $3/rental

What to Wear: Check out my post on What to Wear to a Spin Class and What You Should Bring to Your First Class!

First Class: Each class has around 45 bikes available.  It’s worth it to note that every Monday at 1PM, they release the sign-up the upcoming week of classes (Tuesday through the following Monday).  Typically, it’s not a big deal to get a spot in a class.  However, there are a couple classes that get booked up within an hour.  But with plenty of class options, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a class.  Hope you guys give this class a try!  It’s challenging, but well worth the effort.  

Also – as Zengo continues to expand and improve on its properties, the following locations will be opening up in the near term:

Zengo Kentlands
215 Kentlands Blvd.
Gaithersburg, MD
slated to open on 12/31/14
Zengo Mosaic
2905 District Ave
Merrifield, VA
slated to open February 2015
As I previously mentioned, Zengo Bethesda is getting a facelift to look more like the Logan Circle location.  Hopefully, this means improve lockers (since sometimes 1/3 of the locks don’t work), updated showers, and a better water filtration system!  That would be awesome!  The renovation should be complete by the end of Jan 2015.  If you guys are trying out your first class, be sure to check out my four part series on “What to Expect From Your First Spin Class”


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