DC’s 50 on Fire

Zengo 50 on Fire

{Photo Credit: DC’s 50 on Fire | Zengo Cycle}



A big Congratulations to Zengo Cycle for winning at DC’s 50 on Fire!  Ever year, In the Capital recognizes individuals and companies in DC’s top industries.  Everything from design, dining & retail, education to architecture, healthcare and medicine and of course Sports & Fitness!

After featuring Zengo in a recent blog post, I’m so excited that one of their star instructors, Teryn {rocking the pink tank top up above} agreed to do a Q&A to offer some insight into her workout routine and tell us what makes Zengo such a great place to spin!

Give one piece of advice for first timers? 

I always tell first time riders to just have fun. The first ride is all about learning. Zengo does a lot of movement to the music on the bike and I never want any first timer to feel like they need to be able to keep up with the class right away. I always tell them to focus on them, and to take a break whenever they need it. 

On that same note, what is the number one mistake you see both experienced and novice riders make?

I often see bad form in both experienced and first time riders. Experienced riders want to be able to keep up and stay on the beat, so I often see them compromise their form to be able to keep up. First timers are so new, they really don’t know what they are supposed to look like right away. I always explain to first timers what their body positioning should be for the entire ride. But sometimes, what seems to be the most comfortable body position for someone, is actually really not good for their backs and necks.  

What makes Zengo classes/experience different from other spin classes?

Zengo is all about focusing on YOU. We really steer away from competition, and push for inward focus. Our lights are turned down low so that riders are not paying attention to anyone else but themselves and the instructor. Zengo is different because we strive to be a place where people can escape. They can come for a great, kick-ass workout, or they can come for a form of therapy. We help people release, but also inspire them to reach new heights within themselves. Zengo is a very powerful place!

On average, how many calories do you burn per class?

The amount of calories each person burns ranges drastically for each person. But on average, I would say anywhere between 400-600 calories. 

In addition to Spin, what else do you do to keep in shape?

In addition to cycling, I love going to yoga. I really enjoy the Hot Power Fusion class at Core Power Yoga. 

What is your favorite post-workout snack?

Thats a tough one! I often have a banana or something light in between classes (if I’m doing a double). I mostly teach in the morning, so after class I typically eat a protein like eggs with a whole wheat toast. 

Favorite song to spin & sing to?

Another tough one! Right now, its a remix between “Bang Bang” by Jessie J and “Who Run the World” by Beyonce. I don’t even know who mashed them up, but they’re a genius!

Congrats to Zengo Cycle & the whole team!  What an exciting time for an expanding brand!  If you guys are trying out your first class, be sure to check out my four part series on “What to Expect From Your First Spin Class”


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