Sculpt Megaformer

If it isn’t evident by now…I’m going to state it.  I love food! But with that comes balance {ie. a workout routine}  Spinning is a huge part of my exercise routine, but I wanted to suppliment it with a strength workout.  That’s when I discovered Sculpt Megeformer.  I was alaways curious about pilates reformer.  I mean I love pilates and the machines looked like a challenging, new toy that I just couldn’t wait to try out! So when I heard about  a new pilates megaformer studio called Sculpt Studio in Bethesda, I had to jump on it.  Now, to be clear, this studio uses a megareformer machine which is machine built by fitness guru Sebastian Lagree.  He essentially improved the original pilates reformer machine so that it gives users a more enhanced experience which focuses on developing core strength and muscular endurance. 

Sculpt Studio Bethesda Pilates Megaformer

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